8th Grade Was NEVER So Cool!

I have some fellow bloggers (Angela and Mike) that are big… no… HUGE advocates for the use of advanced technology in the classroom. They counsel and coach educators, businesses, boards, parents and just about anyone that will listen on the advantages of learning through advanced technology – kind of like a “School 2.0.”

I read their blogs daily. I follow them on Twitter (@AngelaMaiers and @mikesansone). Basically, I (stalk) aspire to be like them – both personally and professionally. They have passion. They have a drive that is unmatched. And their commitment to furthering education and literacy has been nothing less than inspiring.

So… That’s pretty much where my appreciation of their efforts stopped… Until this morning.

For the last three weeks, my daughter’s 8th grade Wellness class at Carlisle Middle School has been working on PSAs for Alcohol abuse/education. They were given the opportunity to create a print ad, an outdoor display ad, or a 5 minute video for their PSA.

Now, of course, being a print designer at heart, I would have chosen the print ad or outdoor display – also because they just sounded easier. But, my daughter and her friends decided to grab gauntlet and throw it down… And boy did they… Madison revealed the video (also created into a DVD for the class) to our family this morning.

Check this out.

…cool huh? (beaming dad) I think they had fun…

So, why the huge hat tip to Angela and Mike? Because, along with Carlisle’s teachers and staff, they get it.

Education needs to keep up with technology and utilize the advancements that are available to students to create an acutely aware, well educated and technologically advanced society. This is our future.

Could I have done this when I was in 8th grade? Heck no. I could barely button my coat. But through people like Angela and Mike, and the staff at Carlisle, as well as other schools around the nation; our children have the potential to change the way the world communicates… thinks… interacts… lives.

I’m impressed with all of you and I just wanted to say “Thanks” and brag on my baby for a little bit…

God bless.

Keep cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
– The Brand Chef