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Mama Was A WOM Pioneer!

Remember June Cleaver and Harriet Nelson of early, family television fame? You know, those “typical” stay-at-home moms that, according to their husbands, (and NOT me) sat around and gossiped over tea all day? Did you ever, in your wildest dreams (okay, maybe not that wild), consider them


Breaking The Fourth Wall – Are You Out There?

In theater, there’s a basic, confined realm in which all of the action takes place. The set, the actors, and action all take place within the three visible “walls” of the stage (stage left, stage right, and up-stage – or the back). Then, there’s the fourth wall,


Look Ma’ … I’m Different!

In Marty Neumier’s book, “The Brand Gap,” he specifically points out “differentiation” as a primary discipline – requiring special attention. Although I agree that brand differentiation is important, I have to constantly remind myself AND my clients, simply being different really doesn’t cut it. Our brains are


Pay It Forward… For Ava.

No words can describe the anguish a parent feels when they have a child in pain. There’s no comparison to the complete lock down your mind goes through when you’re waiting for a prognosis for a loved one – especially if that loved one is a defenseless


Don’t Yodel At The Pecan Farmer!

So, since I seem to be on a “Be More Creative” kick this month, I was thinking of how I can help my kids with their creativity and apply it to school and other every-day situations. POW! Kid’s Pictionary! Foster imagination… fun… family. Last night, I ran


Has This Brand Protection Thing Gone Too Far?

I have a bit of a rant to make for this post… In a recent article found through the Wired Blog Network, it seems as though T-Mobile has claimed they own the color magenta. …really. And with expected big business “my ‘PEN’ is bigger than yours” force,


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