10 Reasons I’ll NEVER Be A Social Media “Superstar”

What IS a social media superstar… me? you?

I may know one…

Over at, Andy Brudtkuhl (Twitter @abrudtkuhl) took a much more in-depth look at those that claim to be social media “experts.” It inspired me to think a little more about what exactly a social media superstar “looks like.”

And I decided I’d never be one… Here’s why.

  1. I’m over 35 (by just a bit).
  2. I usually wear shirts with a collar (sometimes even a tie).
  3. I shave at least every weekday (sometimes even on weekends).
  4. I still use hair gel as a smoothing agent instead of as an “agent of change.”
  5. I don’t own aviator sunglasses.
  6. I don’t own an iPhone (but really want one).
  7. I have difficulty buying coffee at Starbucks (although appreciate it immensely).
  8. I know more about potty training than trend spotting.
  9. Most of my friends have no idea what CRM, CMS, CSS, RSS, XML or “tweetup” mean.
  10. Most of my friends think “Blogging” is something they did after a heavy night of drinking in college (but can’t remember with who).

Sure, this is all tongue-in-cheek, but what I do know is that “experts,” or those that position themselves as “social media superstars” have quite a challenge ahead of them. As Andy said in his follow-up post,

“Experts are… always learning… thought leaders, and teachers…”


Here are two quick points.

  1. I do know that TRUE Brands are built on branding perceptions using Truth, Relevance, Uniqueness, and Engagement.
  2. And… Those in control of that perception will be the ones in the branding driver’s seat.

So watch out, ‘cause this social media interloper is comin’ in…

What’s YOUR definition of a Social Media Superstar? Is it as simple as I’ve made it (don’t answer that)? Is it more like Andy’s description? Or, do you have a better definition?

Let’s cook up some fun ideas…

Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef

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